Saint Geniez d’Olt and d’Aubrac: The school trip that transformed the lives of schoolchildren from Sainte-Marie in Aude. Find out how this getaway changed their view of the world!


  • Destination: Saint Geniez d’Olt and Aubrac
  • Target audience: Schoolchildren from Sainte-Marie in Aude
  • Impact: Transformation of their worldview
  • Result: Revealing school trip

In the quiet town of Saint-Geniez-d’Olt and Aubrac, a group of schoolchildren from Sainte-Marie, in Aude, experienced an adventure that would mark their minds forever. This school trip would reveal new horizons and transform their outlook on the world around them. Let’s dive together into the poignant story of this unforgettable immersion.

A departure marked by enthusiasm and curiosity

Thursday morning, the students of Sainte-Marie school were ready for a adventure which would awaken their minds and transform their perception of the world. This meticulously planned school trip took them far from their usual surroundings to places rich in history and know-how.

Immersion in the heritage of Brousses

The first stop on this escapade was the paper mill of Bushes, the last millstone still in operation in Languedoc. The students, their hearts beating with excitement, discovered the ancestral secrets of paper making. They saw a demonstration of hydraulic motors, such as the trough wheel and the turbine, illustrating the ingenious use of water for centuries.

Full of pride, each child then made two sheets of paper, a tangible experience that would leave them with a lasting memory.

Carcassonne and its medieval charm

After a picnic under the bright sun, the schoolchildren headed towards the majestic city of Carcassonne. Despite the oppressive heat, the enchantment of the medieval city brightened them up. They explored the Comtal castle and walked the ramparts, letting their imagination travel through time.

This excursion into history gave them a new perspective on the past, marking a turning point in their learning.

First nights away from home

The arrival at the accommodation center turned out to be a new milestone. For some children, it was their first night away from their families, an experience that was as rewarding as it was slightly distressing. This moment in life taught them independence and companionship, valuable lessons for the future.

Adventure on the Canal du Midi

The next morning, a cruise on the magnificent Canal du Midi the schoolchildren were waiting. Excitement was building as they boarded, ready to discover the lock passages and secrets of the towpath. The cruise offered them a breathtaking view of the medieval city of Carcassonne, engraving magical and unforgettable images in their minds.

Return to Saint-Geniez and infinite gratitude

After a last shared meal, the students headed back towards Saint-Geniez. Delighted and full of new experiences, they found their parents with stars in their eyes. They will never forget this escapade which changed their view of the world.

A big thank you to the parents’ association for the essential financial support, and to Wesley, the driver, for his availability and invaluable kindness. This school trip will remain etched in the memories of schoolchildren as a transformative experience.