Do you want to know why Bison futé strongly advises you not to take the road on Friday and Saturday?


  • Smart one strongly advise against taking the road Friday and Saturday
  • The reasons for this recommendation traffic intense
  • Caution necessary due to weather conditions
  • THE schedules to avoid to limit traffic jams

This Friday and Saturday, Bison Futé strongly advises against taking the road. Find out the reasons behind this alert and the traffic forecasts to better anticipate your trips.

Red days for vacation departures

Every Friday and Saturday, many regions, includingIle-de-France, there Normandy, there Brittany and the Hauts-de-France, are classified as red by Bison Futé. This means that the traffic is extremely dense, particularly in terms of vacation departures. Motorways heading south, such as the A62 and A63 in the South-West, as well as the A7 and A50 in the South-East, are often saturated.

Significant congestion on major roads

On Fridays, the motorways serving the northern regions (A13, A25, A1) also experience significant congestion. In Ile-de-France, traffic becomes very busy from late morning, especially around the toll gates on the A6 and A10 motorways. Pathways such as Outlying street, the A86 and the A6B also see their traffic increase considerably. This situation is exacerbated in the afternoon by the combined flow of weekend departures and commutes, thus creating traffic jams that last until late in the evening.

Saturday: a morning of intense departures

On Saturday, vacation departures are concentrated in the morning until mid-afternoon. Motorways such as the A11, the A10 (especially around Orléans) and the A7 are becoming particularly congested, making access to the Mont-Blanc tunnel even more difficult. For Ile-de-France residents, slowdowns start early in the morning on the A10 motorway and, to a lesser extent, on the A6 motorway. The A13 motorway may also encounter difficulties from mid-morning, and these slowdowns may continue until early afternoon.

Practical tips for avoiding traffic jams

Here are some tips to avoid road inconveniences:

  • Avoid leaving during peak hours on Friday and Saturday mornings.
  • Favor departures at off-peak times, such as late in the evening or very early in the morning.
  • Check Bison Futé regularly for real-time traffic updates.
  • Consider alternative routes to bypass red zones.

Sunday: a relative lull

On Sunday, the situation improves somewhat. Only theIle-de-France and the region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes remain classified in orange in the direction of departures. L’Ile-de-France also experiences significant traffic in the return direction, but conditions are generally less problematic compared to Friday and Saturday.