How flights are chosen during airport strikes on April 25

The national strike on April 25 in French airports is a major source of hassle for travelers. With the prediction that 75% of flights could be canceled at certain times and at certain airports, the question arises: how are flights selected to be continued or canceled? 🛫✨

Calculating Flight Cancellations

The choice of flights to be canceled is mainly based on official notices called “Notam” (Notice to AirMen). These notifications, issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC), depend on the number of striking air traffic controllers and aim to ensure safety while maintaining a minimum service. 📉

Airlines, following these guidelines, must adapt their flight schedule accordingly, taking into account their operational and commercial strategies. The decisions taken are therefore influenced by both security requirements and commercial considerations.

Priority Choice of Flights to Maintain

Flights are not canceled lightly. To minimize the impact on passengers, companies generally adopt specific criteria:

  • Flight frequency: Routes with travel alternatives or higher frequencies during the day are often affected first.
  • Capacity: Least full flights are likely to be canceled to minimize the number of passengers affected.
  • Strategic importance: Flights to destinations with important events, such as conferences, tend to be protected.

These criteria ensure that even in the event of disruptions, travelers will have alternative chances of reaching their destination or will be less impacted in terms of numbers.

Guarantees in the event of cancellation

During strikes, airline commercial conditions are often relaxed. In the event that a flight is canceled, most carriers offer alternatives or even full refunds. 💼🔄

It is also noted that despite the non-obligation of compensation for delays caused by strikes, companies must guarantee rehousing or alternative transport to the planned destination.

To this end, travelers are strongly advised to be in close contact with their airline to receive real-time updates and to check their options in case of sudden changes.

This April 25, prepare yourself and anticipate by regularly checking the status of your flight and notifications from your company. Have a good trip and patience to all those who will travel during this hectic day! 🌍✈️