How to Keep Kids Entertained on the Road to Vacation When Screens Are No Longer an Option

Long car journeys can be a hardship for parents during summer vacation. If you don’t want to resort to screens to entertain your children during the trip, there are many fun and creative alternatives to keep them occupied. Here are some ideas proposed by specialists.

Parent-child interactive activities

When screens are no longer an option, it is important to focus on interactive activities that allow children to move and have fun at the same time. Specialists recommend stories and nursery rhymes, recited by parents or broadcast on the radio. This will spark their imagination and also promote parent-child interaction.

Oral games and reflection

To entertain older children, oral games can be offered inside the car. For example, the game “bachelor’s degree” where you have to find different countries, foods, etc., all starting with the same letter. For younger children, a simple game involves finding unusual colored cars, such as an orange or yellow car. These games will stimulate their thinking and concentration while remaining entertaining.

Artistic and creative activities

To keep children occupied on the way to vacation, artistic and creative activities can also be a great option. Offer them coloring books, colored pencils, stickers or even small construction games like origami or wooden puzzles. These activities will allow them to develop their imagination and fine motor skills.

Travel board games

Travel board games are also a good alternative to keep children entertained in the car. Opt for compact card games or board games that can be easily transported. Games like Uno, Dobble or Power 4 can guarantee hours of entertainment for the whole family.

Audio books

Audiobooks are a great way to entertain children during long car trips. Choose stories appropriate for their age and let them listen to the adventures of their favorite heroes. Audiobooks will stimulate their imagination while developing their listening and comprehension skills.

Give way to boredom and naps

Finally, it is important to leave room for boredom and naps during the journey. Boredom can be a good opportunity for children to learn to occupy themselves, to develop their creativity and their ability to entertain themselves without the help of screens. And if fatigue sets in, let the children rest and take a short nap to recover during the trip.