The 9 behaviors to avoid on a plane according to stewards and flight attendants

Air travel can be stressful for both passengers and cabin crew. To avoid problems and make the flight more pleasant for everyone, here are the 9 behaviors that stewards and flight attendants would like to avoid:

Stay on your cell phone during the presentation of safety rules

When safety instructions are announced before takeoff, it is important to pay attention and not get absorbed in your cell phone. Airplane safety rules are essential and it is important to follow them to ensure a safe flight.

Request a seat change or upgrade

It’s understandable to want to be seated next to loved ones or to get a better seat, but asking to change seats or be upgraded during boarding can disrupt the process for other passengers and flight attendants. It is best to make these requests before the flight or book them in advance.

Start (or continue) the party on the plane

Not all plane travel is about partying. It is important to respect other passengers who may have different motivations for their trip. Noise pollution and hyperactive behavior can be disturbing for other passengers and make the flight less pleasant.

Despise the flight attendants

The flight attendants are there to ensure your comfort and safety during the flight. Treating them with contempt, treating them as waiters or “valets” is disrespectful and unacceptable. It is important to be courteous and recognize their expertise and responsibility in the cabin.

Allowing yourself to make sexist remarks

Flight attendants are often subject to sexist behavior and derogatory remarks based on their physical appearance. It is important to respect their professionalism and behave respectfully towards them, avoiding any inappropriate or discriminatory comments.

Make a scandal over the meal trays

In-flight meal trays may sometimes not meet all expectations. However, complaining loudly or making a scene about it is unnecessary and rude. It’s best to state your request politely or bring extra snacks if needed.

Failing to control your alcohol consumption before or during a flight

Drinking alcohol before or during a flight can increase the effects of intoxication due to cabin pressurization and altitude. Alcoholic passengers may become agitated, disrupt other passengers and even be violent. It is important to consume alcohol in moderation and responsibly when flying.

Do not flush the toilet

It is common to find airplane toilets with the toilet unflushed. It is important to flush the toilet properly to keep the toilet clean and avoid unpleasant odors. Knowing how the flush buttons work properly can avoid this problem.

Smoking in the toilet

It is strictly forbidden to smoke in an airplane toilet, whether it is a traditional cigarette or an electronic cigarette. This practice is not only dangerous, but it can trigger an emergency procedure and lead to serious consequences. It is important to respect this rule and not to smoke in flight.

By avoiding these behaviors, you will help make the flight more pleasant for all passengers and cabin crew. Be respectful, courteous and responsible during your air travel.