The best travel destinations for Easter and April holidays

No need to go very far to enjoy the sun in April. Off the coast of Portugal, in the North Atlantic, the Azores archipelago benefits from an oceanic climate and lush vegetation that will delight nature and hiking enthusiasts. Between the main island Sao Miguel, Pico and its 2500 meter high volcano or even Faial and its blue hydrangeas which cover the island, you will be spoiled for choice.

With its crystal clear waters and golden sandy beaches, Crete is also a must-see destination in spring. On site, you can visit many archaeological sites such as the Palace of Knossos or the Arkadi Monastery.

Below Sicily, Malta benefits from a Mediterranean climate which is therefore already very pleasant in April. On its three main islands, numerous walks and cultural visits are possible depending on your travel desires: Valletta, its ramparts and its port, Gozo and its limestone cliffs or Comino and its sublime diving spots.

The leading tourist destination in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is still in the middle of the dry season in April. Its unmissable seaside resorts, its waterfront fishing villages and its natural parks are all assets that promise travelers a guaranteed change of scenery.

What are the best destinations to travel to in April?

In Europe, Asia or America, certain unmissable destinations are worth a detour in spring. Why not go and admire the fields of multicolored tulips in the Netherlands, take part in the festivities and enjoy the sun in Catalonia or on the Costa del Sol? Among the more distant destinations to discover in April, Cape Verde promises you a guaranteed change of scenery between hikes in the great outdoors and a try of scuba diving.

  • Keukenhof Park in Lisse, Netherlands, for the tulip fields of the largest flower park in the world.
  • Spain, for the Easter celebrations, and its procession of festivities, between processions and shows.
  • Japan, for the cherry blossoms and the poetry of traditional hanami.
  • Cape Verde, for its colonial cities, its lush nature, its volcanoes and black sand beaches.
  • Florida, the “Sunshine State”, for the amusement parks that children love and the subtropical marshes of the Everglades.

Where to go for a short stay or a city break in Europe for Easter?

In April, temperatures cool down and spring sets in. The good season is ahead in the South of France and around the Mediterranean: in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, in Corsica, in Occitanie (Toulouse) and in the South of Nouvelle-Aquitaine (Bordeaux).

Spring is just as mild on the other side of the Pyrenees, in the Iberian Peninsula. In Spain, Easter celebrations are a highlight of the calendar.

Semana Santa is particularly flamboyant in Andalusia, in Seville (which also celebrates the Feria de Abril) and Malaga, where it has been declared of international tourist interest. It is also widely celebrated in Salamanca, Valladolid, Murcia, Cartagena… It is also the start of the feria season in Spain.

Where to see the most beautiful blooms in April?

Flower lovers will pick spring and its bouquet of flowers on the Portuguese island of Madeira, the aptly named “Island of Flowers”, renowned for its eternal spring. Madeira owes its mild climate to the trade winds and the Gulf Stream. In the open air of the Atlantic, flowers (hydrangeas, azaleas, hibiscus, camellias, etc.) abound on the hills and mountain slopes.

Frequent travelers sensitive to mountain flowers will seek them out on treks in Nepal. In the dry season, the weather is sunny, especially in Kathmandu, with bright skies. The slopes of Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu and Dhaulagiri are covered with flowering rhododendrons.

For long-distance travelers who love flowers, April is one of the most enchanting months to visit Japan, the epicenter of one of the most beautiful blooms in the world. From the end of March to the first half of May, the skies are mild, and the mercury is around 20°C.

Where to go hiking in April?

After a winter by the fire, spring is the ideal time to get in tune with an awakening nature, to satisfy all your thirst for fresh air and wide-open spaces by going hiking.

To breathe the sea air and live the Mediterranean dream, the climate is ideal in the Greek islands, such as the Cyclades or the Ionian Islands. Although it is still a little cool for a purely seaside stay, the sky is often clear.

Travelers wishing to isolate themselves on an island can also opt for Cape Verde, which is more confidential.

Where to get away from it all in Africa and the Southern Hemisphere in April?

Need a change of scenery by changing latitude? In the Southern Hemisphere, April is a good time to go to Africa: the weather is nice, and the temperatures are warm but not excessively so.

At the start of the austral autumn, the lights are green to travel across South Africa, across the entire territory, from the Kruger Park to the vineyards of Stellenbosch via Cape Town. The savannahs are beginning to thin out, the meadows are turning yellow under the rays of late summer.

Travel to South America is possible in April, but requires studying the climatic specificities by region.