Immerse into Art & Adventure: A Magical Weekend Getaway in Thau Archipelago’s Lagoon

Immerse yourself in the heart of art and beauty in the majestic lagoon of the Thau archipelago during an enchanting weekend. Let yourself be enchanted by the unique artistic creations that populate this extraordinary place. Prepare for an unforgettable experience where culture and breathtaking landscapes meet for your greatest pleasure.

The Thau Archipelago: A Case of Beauty

In the south of France lies a natural wonder that appears to have been fashioned by the diligent hands of an artist. The Thau archipelago, with its 7,500 hectares of lagoon, is a haven of peace where heritage and modernity combine. This vast basin, often confused with the Mediterranean Sea, offers breathtaking panoramas and exceptional marine biodiversity. Deeply anchored in the soul of this region, the basin is the sanctuary of fishermen, of the oyster farmers, and nature lovers.

Artistic Walks in the Mediterranean: A Unique Experience

BAMs, or Artistic walks in the Mediterranean, are an invitation to discover the artistic wealth of the region. These routes take you through fourteen communes, each revealing its hidden treasures between littoral And vines. From Sète, the essential starting point to Bouzigues, via Mèze and Villeveyrac, each village reflects a peaceful and gourmet culture.

Works Not to Be Missed

During your stroll, let yourself be enchanted by a selection of in situ works, integrated into the local heritage:

  • Robert Combas in Villeveyrac: The leader of free figuration pays homage to the countryside with a vibrant ceramic fresco.
  • François Liguori in Loupian: Its colorful metal trees stand proudly next to the cycle path.
  • André Cervera in Poussan: His Corten steel sculptures captivate with their allure and their anchoring in local culture.
  • Jean Denant in Gigean: A monumental mirror screen reflects the breathtaking landscape of Saint-Félix-de-Montceau Abbey.
  • Richard Di Rosa in Bouzigues: A dualistic sculpture of the Sun and the Moon illuminates the pontoon facing the Etang de Thau museum.

The Charm of Medieval Villages

Each village you pass through tells a thousand-year-old story. As you stroll through the cobbled streets of Poussan or admire the old stones of Loupian, you will experience a real return to the past, punctuated by modern works.

Relaxation and Accommodation

After a day full of discoveries, there is nothing like resting in an enchanting setting. Here are some recommendations:

  • At the Voile Blanche in Bouzigues: A small hotel with stunning views of the marina.
  • Terrisse Residence in Marseillan: A neoclassical style building offering refined and comfortable apartments.

Gastronomy and Tasting

The trip would not be complete without an immersion in the local gastronomy. Many establishments promise you gourmet moments:

  • La Bouteille à la Mer in Marseillan: A friendly wine bar offering local drinks and tasty sandwiches.
  • Étangourmand delicacies in Bouzigues: An innovative ice cream parlor without colorings or preservatives.
  • Les Toqués du Bocal in Bouzigues: An artisan cannery transforming local produce into jarred delicacies.

Unique Workshops and Experiences

To further enrich your getaway, take part in unique workshops and activities:

  • Syrup Workshop in Mèze: Participate in the making of artisanal syrups from natural ingredients.
  • Thau ceramics in Marseillan: Learn the art of pottery from an experienced ceramist.

Unforgettable Excursions

For the more adventurous, excursions allow you to discover the region from a different angle:

  • Hike from Saint-Félix-de-Montceau Abbey: A beautiful climb towards a spectacular panorama between coastline and vineyards.
  • Cruise aboard the “Pilgrim”: A unique experience of sailing, dining and starry night on an elegant boat.