Pedaling Through Paradise: A Three-Day Cycling Adventure from Tain l’Hermitage to Montélimar Along the Picturesque ViaRhôna

Get ready to hop on your bike for a captivating journey along the ViaRhôna, from Tain l’Hermitage to Montélimar. For 3 days, let yourself be carried away by the magic of the landscapes, picturesque villages and gastronomic delights of the Rhône valley. A breathtaking adventure awaits you, between sport, discovery and wonder. Follow the flow of the water and the vineyards, and set off to conquer this route full of charm and surprises. Are you ready for this unforgettable cycling trip?

Departure from Tain l’Hermitage: An Adventure in the Heart of the Vineyards

Want to discover the beauty of the ViaRhôna, this fabulous 815 km cycle route linking Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean? Today I offer you a 3 day cycling trip, starting in Tain l’Hermitage and ending in Montélimar. Get ready to immerse yourself in a diversity of landscapes, charming villages and delicious gourmet stops!

A Gentle Walk from Tournon-sur-Rhône to Valence

We begin our adventure in Tain l’Hermitage, a pretty Drôme town nestled along the Rhone. Take the time to stroll around the city before heading to the Valrhona Chocolate City for a sweet appetizer, or explore the vineyards of Maison Chapoutier. Once on the bike, we set off for a 25 km journey which takes us to Valencia.

On this wooded and flat portion, the Rhône river accompanies us, alternating between the green colors of the vineyards and the blue bursts of the water. In the summer, the song of the cicadas rocks our progress, and gourmet stops await us along the way, notably at Maison Chabran in Pont-de-L’Isère.

Cultural Break and Gastronomic Delights in Valencia

Our arrival in Valencia is in style on the Champ de Mars esplanade, with its kiosk and picturesque park. Here, the welcome for cyclists is exceptional and the supply possibilities are numerous.

Be sure to visit the Valencia Museum for a dose of art and history, then lose yourself in the colorful medieval streets of the old town. For an unforgettable culinary experience, take a detour to Maison Pic for a starred lunch. And why not explore the Port de l’Épervière, accessible via the old towpaths, for a historical and exotic moment?

Exploring the Villages: From Valence to La Saulce-sur-Rhône

The following day we travel 41 km passing through picturesque villages. Our first stop is in Soyons, where Paul and Laura have transformed an old train station into a charming café-restaurant-bed and breakfast. Cycling through the Printegarde nature reserve offers us a parade of natural beauties up to La Voulte-sur-Rhône.

For a well-deserved rest, we head towards La Saulce-sur-Rhône. 10 km from our main route, you will find Clos de la Chardonnière, an accommodation labeled “Accueil vélo” which offers delicious local products, such as peaches and apricots from Mirmande.

Heading for Montélimar for a sweet end to the trip

For our last stage, we have 38 km of enchanting paths to travel, surrounded by fields of sunflowers. The village of Cruas presents itself to us with its abbey and its medieval streets, offering an unmissable cultural break.

We end our journey in Montélimar, famous for its delicious nougat. Visit the workshop of Artisan Nougatier Pierre Bonnieu to enjoy sweets made with almonds and honey. A well-deserved reward after our 104 km journey!

Practical Tips for Your Cycling Adventure

To fully enjoy this adventure, it is essential to choose the right electric bike. Two options are available to you:

  • A bike with panniers at the Bee’s station in Tournon, with return by train to Tain.
  • A Yuba long tail cargo bike equipped with a 130 L travel bag with Paths, ideal for transporting young children thanks to an attachable cart.

For more information on the route, do not hesitate to consult the official website of ViaRhôna and theAuvergne Rhône-Alpes tourist office.