From the Adriatic Sea across Italy by train: discover the trip from Trieste to Lecce

Embark on an unforgettable rail journey

Imagine a journey where every turn offers a new living postcard, where history mixes with modernity and where each stop tells a different story. Let’s embark together on an incredible train journey, from the north to the south of Italy, along the picturesque Adriatic coast, from Trieste to Lecce.

The departure: Trieste, the border town

Our adventure begins in Trieste, this elegant city with Slavo-Italian influences. Stroll the grandiose Piazza Unità d’Italia facing the sea, or take a trip to Miramare Castle, just on the outskirts. Don’t forget to stop at one of the historic cafes to enjoy an espresso, while absorbing the captivating atmosphere of a city where the wind, the bora, tells its own stories.

Towards Venice

The train then winds its way to Venice, the Serenissima, where a glorious maritime past meets sumptuous architecture. Spend your day getting lost in the labyrinth of its alleys and canals and discover hidden treasures like the Scuola Dalmata with its works by Carpaccio, or enjoy a peaceful moment near the San Giorgio dei Greci church.

Stopovers in Ancona and Termoli

The next stage takes us to Ancona, an important port where the Saint-Cyriaque Cathedral dominates the maritime view. Then, let the scents of the Marche carry you further south to Termoli, a village coated in pastel colors where the old town embraces the sea, offering an almost surreal picture of tranquility.

The majestic arrival in Lecce

After passing breathtaking coastal landscapes and passing through picturesque villages, our journey reaches Lecce, a baroque jewel of the south, where art and history dance on the facades of buildings. Take the time to admire the exuberant ornamentation of churches like the Basilica di Santa Croce, a veritable exhibition of stone sculptures.

Go further south towards Otranto

For the more adventurous, an extension of the trip to Otranto is essential. This walled city offers stunning views of the Adriatic Sea and the distant Albanian mountains. Discover the discreet charm of Otranto, a peaceful stopover before concluding our train journey.

Practical information for the traveler

Tickets for this train journey are available on the Trenitalia website or via their mobile application. Regional trains offer great prices, even for last-minute purchases. And remember, always use the app to check-in on board, allowing you to change your itinerary as you wish.

This crossing of Italy by train along the Adriatic Sea is more than just a trip, it is an exploration of changing panoramas, regional histories and diverse cultures, wrapped in the comfort of railway modernity. So prepare yourself for this enchanting getaway that takes you through Italy in a unique and unforgettable way.