Mastering Minimalism: A Comprehensive Guide to Savvy Traveling with Cabin-Only Baggage


🎒 Choose the right luggage

📦 Using storage cubes

🧥 Multifunctional fabrics

👟 Versatile shoes

💧 Reduced body care products

🛫 Wear bulky clothes

🔼 Lightweight and expandable luggage

Do you want to travel light and efficiently with only cabin baggage? Discover practical and clever tips to simplify your travel experience. Maxime Dubois, expert in light travel, gives you his tips for traveling comfortably with the bare minimum.

To travel light with only cabin luggage, a few simple tips can help you. First of all, choose a light and spacious suitcase, preferably expandable, to maximize space. Use storage cubes for better organization and compression of your belongings. Opt for clothes made from lightweight, multifunctional fabrics to save space, and select versatile shoes to limit the number of pairs. Reduce your body care products and use travel hacks like rolling your clothes to save space. By following these tips and planning ahead, traveling light with carry-on baggage will be child’s play.

Choosing the right luggage

One of the key elements to successfully traveling light is to select the adequate luggage. Opt for one light suitcase and spacious, preferably with expandable options. Hard shell suitcases like the Monos Carry-On Plus offer robustness and ease of maneuvering thanks to their 360° wheels.

Don’t neglect storage cubes

THE storage cubes are essential to optimize space. They allow better organization and compression of your belongings. Use cubes of different sizes to separate clothing categories: a large cube for bulky clothing, a medium cube for shirts, and a small cube for underwear and socks.

Opt for multifunctional and lightweight fabrics

To maximize space in your carry-on baggage, choose clothes in light and multifunctional fabrics like Duer jeans, which are stretchy, comfortable and water-repellent. They are perfect for a variety of activities, from flying to hiking.

Choosing versatile shoes

Limiting the number of pairs of shoes is crucial. Select versatile shoes that suit different occasions – stylish sneakers for walking and more formal shoes for evenings.

Adapt your body care routine

Reduce body care products to travel size. Use reusable bottles to store your favorite products. Choose solid products (shampoo, soap) to avoid liquid restrictions.

Travel Tips

Employ some travel hacks like rolling clothes instead of folding them to save space. Additionally, wear bulkier items, like jackets or shoes, when traveling.

Comparison table: Tips for traveling light

🎒 Choosing the right luggage
📦 Using storage cubes
🧥 Multifunctional fabrics
👟 Versatile shoes
💧 Reduced body care products
🛫 Wear bulky clothes
Lightweight, expandable luggage
🔼 Luggage Compression Options

List: Tips for traveling light with only cabin baggage

🏷️ Label each storage cube
👕 Prefer neutral colored clothing
⚖️ Use a luggage scale
📅 Plan outfits in advance
📄 Scan important documents
🧢 Versatile accessories

FAQ: Tips for traveling light with only cabin baggage

Q: How to choose the best cabin suitcase?

A: Opt for a lightweight suitcase with 360° wheels and expandable options.

Q: What are the best tips for optimizing space in cabin baggage?

A: Use packing cubes and roll your clothes to save space.

Q: How to manage liquids in cabin baggage?

A: Use reusable bottles and choose solid products to avoid liquid restrictions.

Q: What types of clothing to choose for a light trip?

A: Choose multifunctional, lightweight clothing like stretchy jeans and synthetic fabrics.

Q: How many pairs of shoes can I bring?

A: Limit yourself to two pairs: one versatile and one more formal.

Q: How to maximize comfort while traveling light?

A: Plan your outfits in advance and choose clothes that are comfortable and multifunctional.