Why are Brittany, Normandy and Vendée neglected in July for tourism?


  • Lower temperatures than on the Côte d’Azur
  • Fewer summer activities and events
  • Denser road traffic in certain areas
  • Fewer supervised beaches and tourist infrastructure
  • Less media visibility than flagship destinations

In the heart of summer, Brittany, Normandy and Vendée sometimes seem to be the subject of a certain lack of tourist interest in July. Why do these regions, although rich in charm and attractions, not attract vacationers as much during this summer month? This is a question that deserves to be explored in order to understand the reasons that lead to this surprising phenomenon.

Jeanne Lemoine, editor specializing in tourism in France, highlights the reasons why the Brittany, there Normandy and the Vendee are abandoned in July for tourism.

Unfavorable Weather Conditions

The month of June was characterized by conditions weather rainy in these regions, creating a gloomy start to the summer season. This weather has greatly affected the mood of potential vacationers, deterring many from choosing these destinations for their July vacation.

Impact of Purchasing Power

At the same time, the purchasing power of French households is at half mast, influencing their choices of summer destinations. Faced with tighter budgets, families prefer to turn to destinations offering better value for money or more promising climatic conditions.

Electoral Context and Stress

The current year is marked by a context stressful election In France. This political and social instability accentuates generalized stress, making some vacationers hesitant to plan their getaways in these regions less sold on tranquility and well-being.

Competition from Sunnier Destinations

THE Olympic Games this year have also had a notable effect, postponing the summer holidays for many French people. On the other hand, vacationers favor destinations like French Riviera or the Corsica, known for their weather conditions more stable and sunny, generating increases in attendance ranging from +7.7% to +11.3%.

Attendance Records in Previous Years

Brittany, Normandy, and Vendée have seen attendance records in previous years. These past successes create high expectations that, when unmet, leave the space feeling neglected, even if the numbers are simply in relative decline.

Repercussions on the Tourism Sector

This drop in attendance is particularly worrying for tourism professionals. With numerous reservations below forecasts, the sector is experiencing an atypical and discouraging start to the summer season, impacting local businesses and seasonal jobs.

For these regions, it is important to monitor these trends and find ways to make Brittany, Normandy and Vendée more attractive to holidaymakers, in order to stem this worrying trend.

It is crucial for local authorities and tourism sector stakeholders to analyze these factors and adapt their strategies in order to revitalize and attract visitors to Brittany, Normandy and Vendée during the summer months.