Reasons you might get sick on your next vacation

Ah, the holidays, the long-awaited moment to escape and discover new horizons! But did you know that during your next escapades, you could get sick without even knowing it? Between climate change, different diets and new environments, your health may be put to the test. Discover in this article the surprising reasons that could disrupt your vacation and how to protect yourself to fully enjoy it.

There’s nothing worse than planning an exciting vacation and ending up getting sick right at the start of your trip. Yet it’s a reality for many travelers. Why does this happen so frequently? Here are some potential reasons why your body might play tricks on you on your next adventures.

Stress and last minute preparation

Your workload usually increases before vacation. You must finish projects, submit files and respond to a multitude of requests. This work overload adds stress, which can weaken your immune system. Once you’re finally on vacation and the adrenaline wears off, your body may respond by “giving up” on everything suddenly, making you more vulnerable to illness.

Climate and temperature changes

Whether you’re heading to a sunny destination or a ski resort, the climate change can throw your body out of balance. Going from very hot temperatures to air-conditioned environments or from a temperate climate to polar cold can lead to colds, sore throats or even ear infections. Be prepared by bringing suitable clothing and trying to acclimatize gradually.

Exposure to new germs

When you travel, you are exposed to a variety of germs that your body is not used to. Whether on the plane, on public transport or at your destination, new bacteria are everywhere. Use hand sanitizers and avoid touching your face after touching potentially contaminated surfaces.

Accumulated fatigue

Lack of sleep before and during travel can seriously weaken your immune system. Long commutes, jet lags, and the excitement of exploring new destinations can all contribute to excessive fatigue. Make sure you get plenty of rest before you leave and try to make up for any lost sleep as soon as you arrive.

Dietary changes

Drastic changes to your food can also be a cause. Your eating habits will surely be different from those you have at home. Local water and foods may contain microbes that your digestive system is not used to processing. Be careful with what you eat and drink, especially in destinations where food hygiene may be an issue.

Discomfort due to transportation

Long plane, train or car journeys can cause nausea, headaches or digestive problems. Using motion sickness preventative medications, staying well hydrated, and avoiding heavy meals before traveling can make a big difference.

Tips to avoid getting sick

  • Maintain strict hygiene habits: regular hand washing and use of disinfectant gels.
  • Have your medications ready: anti-nausea medications, painkillers, and any medications you usually use.
  • Adapt gradually to new climates: go outdoors at less extreme times.
  • Avoid consuming raw foods or unbottled water in some countries.
  • Don’t neglect sleep and try to maintain a balanced diet.

Traveling is an incredible adventure, but it’s crucial to take steps to protect your health. By following these tips, you will be able to fully enjoy your vacation without illness being a spoilsport.