The 9 behaviors to avoid in restaurants so as not to exasperate servers and managers

When you go to a restaurant, it is important to show respect to the serving staff. Here are nine behaviors to avoid so as not to exasperate servers and managers:

Settling on a terrace without having been placed

It is common to want to enjoy the terrace of a restaurant during the holidays. However, it is important not to install yourself without having been placed by a server. Indeed, servers have an overview of the restaurant and generally prefer to seat customers in such a way as to optimize their service.

Demand to have the best table

It can be tempting to want to have the best table in the restaurant, with the best view for example. However, it is important to respect the reservations of other customers and to understand that the choice of table is often made according to the configuration of the restaurant.

Show up in a swimsuit

If you come from the seaside, it may be tempting to come to the restaurant in a swimsuit. However, many restaurateurs consider this to be inappropriate attire. It is therefore preferable to change before coming to the restaurant.

Snap your fingers or whistle to call out to the waiters

Calling out waiters by snapping your fingers or whistling is rude and disrespectful behavior. It is better to wait patiently for the server to become available.

Spend the meal on the phone

Spending the entire meal on the phone is a discourteous attitude towards other customers and restaurant staff. It is important to enjoy the moment and participate in the discussion with your table companions.

Take an hour to choose your order

Taking a long time to choose your order can be frustrating for servers, especially when they are busy. Try to look at the menu in advance or ask the server for recommendations to make your choice easier.

Call the server every two minutes

Continually demanding the server’s attention for minor requests can be annoying for him and other customers. Try to group your requests together in one go to make the work of staff easier.

Book so you don’t end up coming

“No show”, that is to say reserving a table and not coming, is a behavior that harms restaurateurs. If you cannot honor your reservation, it is best to cancel it to allow other customers to enjoy the table.

No tip

Tipping is a common practice in restaurants and is a significant part of a server’s salary. It is therefore recommended to leave a tip based on the quality of the service received.

By avoiding these behaviors, you will help make the restaurant experience more pleasant for yourself and for the service staff. Be respectful and enjoy your meal in a friendly atmosphere.